Monday, July 25

Secret Creative Planning

It's been awfully quiet here on my blog this summer. The most simple reason for that is: it is summer. After working full time and working on artwork, I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible - especially in my vegetable gardens and with my pooch. I really have no motivation to sit on my lap top after working with computers all day. I do take a lot of photos, with very clear intentions that I will blog this or that...but then it never happens, and those photos are no longer accurate of my daily musings.

I will say, there are ideas and projects in the works though! But they are a secret. Shhhh. My dear husband knows, as I have discussed these new ideas with him, and some friends - but the online world hasn't a clue. And I'm sorry to say friends, that it will stay that way for a bit longer.

I'm still in early stages of this particular project. I'm hoping to release it for winter / a limited line released by October at the latest. But life happens, and it's busy, and since I'm very easily distracted - it might even wait until spring. There is a lot of work that will be put into this project, and a lot of hours.  

I just want to make sure that when I release the initial products, that they are not all rushed and sloppy. I want it perfect, to ensure the success of the launch and secure future success with the project. The products perfect, the branding perfect and everything - perfect.  It might all just flop. That happens. But I want to make sure that it didn't flop because I wasn't ready.

To stop rumors in their tracks - it's not a creative contract that I received with a company. These are items that I am designing for myself to sell. It just has to be all secretive, because the online world is horrible at keeping secrets, and I want to make sure that when I release that they are original, and my ideas not already copied. Copying is the sweetest form of flattery...but boy, it has gotten quite annoying.

I'm very excited for this though. I will be using some existing artwork, but designing a lot of new pieces just for this project. Once things are little more solidified, then I will share. As excited as I am, there is still much opportunity that it just all flops, and then maybe I'll share what I was going to do if that happens as well. We shall see.

Tuesday, July 19

First (Ever) Art Show

This past weekend I participated in my first ever art show - Artist On The River, in the town where I live! I was nervous all week preparing for it, not knowing what I would need, what I would forget; and how I was even going to present my artwork. We were fortunate to the most beautiful day - not too windy, sunny, the humidity broke just the day before so not too hot.

I made sure I had lots of work, and lots of prints available. And made one table into a cute display, with a quote from Van Gogh and picked some flowers from my garden.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day - a nice cool breeze, the beautiful sun and of course, the gorgeous river behind us! I'll be sure to sign up for this show next year!!

Saturday, April 30

Oh She Grows: First Sprouts!

Last week was beautiful weather, and I managed to plant out a bunch of cold-hardy seeds in the garden beds after cleaning them all up. Here are the first sprouts, taken earlier this week.

We planted radish, spinach, peas, carrots, onions, garlic, rapini and bok choy. The radish were the first up; showing up early this past week. They were followed by the bok choy and then spinach. The Rapini is just saying hello today, and the peas won't be long behind (I can see them trying to push through the soil).  I covered the boy choy and rapini with netting right away - those pesky flea beetles are not going to eat them this time around! I've also already put out some 'earwig' traps...try to get some while they are young.

The robins have been digging up the gardens a bit, so some areas may need replanting. But overall, things are going relatively well right now.

The next project in the beds will be introducing drip irrigation. I will be picking up a kit this weekend, hopefully, and getting that all sorted out. We have a lot more seeds to go into the gardens - some of my old favourites, and some new plants this year. We just have to wait for some warmer weather :)

It just makes me so happy to be out digging around in the dirt again :)

Monday, April 25

Oh She Grows: Planting Potatoes in Containers

This weekend, I planted my potatoes out. My fellow Canadians may be shaking their heads, saying it's much too soon, with very real threats of frost...but just take a minute. I'm planting my potatoes in containers this year. Yup! That's right...containers. Meaning, upon the threat of frost, I can move them indoors if needed; and now they will have a super head start!

I was inspired by the video below on YouTube:

It appears that is is possible for it to be very successful. I had potatoes my first year in the garden, and then decided that with my limited garden space, that I wasn't going to grow them last year. But, after seeing that video I see I can have garden fresh potatoes, and save space in my raised beds for harder to grow vegetables! :o)

I watched the flyers from all the department store in my area, and waited until large storage bins went on sale. I got these guys half - a great deal! They are approximately 60L. I drilled holes in the bottom and sides for drainage - very important according to those who have done this. The holes prevent the soil from getting 'water logged' and the potatoes rotting.

I let my potatoes "chit" on a windowsill for a couple weeks - and they gave me these lovely sprouts. It is important for these sprouts to be 'short and stout', not long and gangly (like what you find if you left your potatoes in a bag for too long). These shorter sprouts are healthier. You don't have to do this, but this way, you know which way to plant your potatoes.

Above is a Blue Russian seed potato, and below are chitted Banana Fingerling seed potato. 

I ordered my seed potatoes online from Eagle Creek Farms, in Alberta. I ordered: Russian Blue, Banana Fingerling, Bintje and Candy Cane. They all have different harvest times: early, mid and late season so hopefully we have potatoes throughout the season, plus a few to bring us into early winter.

I put 2-3 inches of soil in the bins, along with compost. I placed the seed potatoes in, sprouts facing up, and then covered with another 2-3" of the soil mix. When the plants reach 4-6" high, I will add more dirt to the bins to simulate "hilling up", and continue to do so as the plant grows until the bin is full.

We will see how it all turns out in a couple months. I'm hoping that it is successful - reusing the bins every season will make the whole project very cost effective.

Chewie of course helped. ;)

Thursday, April 21

Oh She Grows: All Ready!

Chewie is showing off all the hard work we did. This past week, we cleaned up the garden beds - there were a lot of weeds, and dead plants from last fall when things got really busy and we weren't able to do a proper clean up then. We also amended the soil with some composted manure. It is all ready for seeds and plants! First up will be: onions, peas, spinach and carrots...and then some warmer weather for the rest :)